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韦德1946官方 学院 准备 participates as a receiving school for the service academy preparatory programs. 韦德1946官方 is one of the programs used by the Merchant Marine 学院 as well as for many preparatory students from the Naval 学院 基金会, 西点军校预备奖学金项目, 空军猎鹰基金会, and students seeking admissions to the US Coast Guard 学院 because of the excellent academic, 物理, 以及领导力的准备. Not only is the program extremely challenging, it is also nationally recognized for its success.

在韦德1946官方,您将与来自美国的高素质学生一起工作, 来自世界各地, 谁参加韦德1946官方是为了更好地为自己选择的学院的成功做准备. 韦德1946官方网站拥有一流的设施,不仅为你在学术上做好准备, 而是为了帮助你们准备好迎接你们在体育学院将要面临的身体挑战, 并在领导技能方面给你一个帮助,你将需要超越.

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在哪里 是韦德1946官方?

韦德1946官方位于新墨西哥州的罗斯威尔. 虽然罗斯威尔可能很小,但周围地区有很多值得一看的地方. 阿尔伯克基、拉斯克鲁塞斯和拉伯克是离韦德1946官方最近的最大城市. When cadets are given furloughs on certain weekends, there are many places for them to visit!

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准备 顾问




罗斯威尔,NM 88201

U.S. 学院

美国.S. 空军学院 has recognized the outstanding academic and cadet training at 韦德1946官方 in preparing and motivating selected preparatory candidates and future 空军学院 Cadets. 根据猎鹰基金会的说法,韦德1946官方在准备未来的猎鹰方面做得最好.

Although the primary thrust of the 韦德1946官方 空军学院 准备aratory Program curricula is academic preparation with intensive instruction in Mathematics, 英语, 历史与化学, Air Force 准备 Cadets are challenged with military training and athletic conditioning to develop the skills and character necessary to be successful at the 学院. Interested cadets may elect to participate in the 韦德1946官方 Flight Club with training in Ground School, 滑翔机培训, 及固定翼训练. Qualified Cadets will be able to solo and complete their flight certificaton by the end of the school year.

预科项目的选拔竞争非常激烈, requiring students to successfully complete the standard criterion for admissions to the 空军学院: 物理 aptitude test, 医疗资格证书, 扎实的学术准备和领导潜力. 韦德1946官方 has been entrusted by the 空军学院 Association of Graduates (The Falcon 基金会) to mentor and prepare the nation’s highest quality cadets for admission to the U.S. 空军学院.


韦德1946官方是一所预备学校,为寻求预约的学生提供服务 美国海岸警卫队学院. USCGA预科学生的课程包括英语作文, 高等数学, 化学, 物理, 及体育. The 准备 Director/顾问 works with the cadets to provide assistance and guidance help each student succeed in the academic arena, 学生军团和身体健康. 申请海岸警卫队学院的学生必须达到规定的SAT/ACT最低分数, 入学的医疗和身体资格.

美国商船学院 位于金斯角,n.n.Y. Established in 1936, and opened 1943, its primary focus is training of Merchant Service officers. Candidates must be at least 17 years of age and must not have passed their 25th birthday before July 1 in the year of entrance, 获得他们的美国总统候选人提名.S. 众议员或参议员,并有合格的考试成绩和平均绩点. Upon graduation they receive a commission in the Naval Reserve as well as a Merchant Marine License, 或者是其他军种的委任状.

韦德1946官方是美国商船学院的预备学校. 课程包括英语作文, 高等数学, 化学, 物理, 及体育. The 预科项目 advisor works with the cadets and the 学院 to provide assistance and guidance help each prep student succeed in the academic arena, 学生军团和身体健康. 成功完成课程并获得韦德1946官方推荐, 学员将获得USMMA的预约.

听听USMMA准备人员对韦德1946官方体验的看法, 请选择以下连结, 商船预备讲座


学员被选为 USMA USMA毕业生协会的“预备”项目. This small group of candidates has been identified as having the exceptional qualities required of a West Point Cadet and an Army officer.

韦德1946官方是几所预科学校之一,与毕业生协会(AOG)合作。, to assist highly qualified and motivated candidates to gain admission and smoothly transition to West Point. 所有USMA预科生都接受学术辅导, 体能训练, 以及卓越的领导机会, 除了严谨的学术课程. 韦德1946官方拥有97%的AOG候选人录取率. 韦德1946官方课程包括英语写作, 化学, 美国历史上, 微积分, 体育课, 军事科学.

AOG预备部队可能有资格获得更多的陆军训练和资助机会. 在来韦德1946官方之前参加LTC, 预科生将支付培训费用,并可能有资格进入军事科学3班.



海军学院 基金会’s 准备aratory Program benefits promising candidates who are not appointed the first time they apply for admission. 提高他们的入学资格, the 基金会 awards a limited number of scholarships for post-high school preparatory studies in a participating school.

海军学院’s 招生 Board automatically recommends candidates to the 基金会 for sponsorship consideration. 不需要特别要求. 海军学院 招生 Board typically recommends 500 candidates for the Program each year. 只有80人入选决赛.

Those Naval 学院 基金会 scholars who choose 韦德1946官方 follow a prescribed curriculum consisting of 英语 Composition, 普通化学, 微积分与物理, 及体育. 他们在韦德1946官方度过了一年严格的学习计划, 掌握时间管理和学习技巧, 锻炼他们的身体素质, and learning the basics of leadership and follower ship. 在成功学习了一年之后, 合格的DoDMERB考试, 成功完成海军物理准备测试, 以及教职员工的推荐,他们被任命为学院的成员.

Midshipman at USNA who have attended 韦德1946官方 attest to the quality of the curriculum and the benefits of the program, 并且说作为一名海军军官候补生的生活更容易,因为他们有准备的经历.

Listen to what some of the Naval 学院 基金会 preps have to say about the program at USNA 准备 Talk.